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Derived from Hemp, our CBD oil is completely natural. Each bottle is categorized by strength and something unique about our product includes getting each batch strength tested. Our “high,” “medium,” and “low” are categorized by the amount of CBD per serving, however, the number of mg per batch will vary. When using our CBD oil, you will always know exactly how much CBD you are consuming per serving and per bottle. Utilizing completely natural flavorings, our oil tastes like the flavor you select without any extra Earthy or “green” hints like most other oils on the market.

*This product contains 0% THC

*This product contains coconut oil so if you are allergic to such products containing this oil we advise that you do not consume this product for health purposes.

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High (2500mg), Medium (2000mg), Low (1500mg)


Natural, Orange, Hot Cinnamon, Green Apple, Lemon Lime