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Proudly grown in Lubbock, TX

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Get ready to harvest some happiness.
At Caprock Family Farms, our products are more than just wellness solutions–they’re the fruits of our labor, grown with love and care. Our shop is where you can experience the very best of what we offer, all backed by our commitment to quality.

Quality Is Our Trademark

Seed to Sale
Our vertical integration system ensures top-tier quality as we control every step of the process, from planting the seed to delivering the final product.
Organic Practices
We cultivate our hemp using organic methods, guaranteeing 100% natural products free from heavy metals, molds or yeast.
Batch Tested
Every batch of our hemp oil undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring consistency and transparency in every product we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in your products?
Our products contain hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD, THCA and D8-THC, D9-THC and natural flavor and wellness ingredients. All of our products are naturally infused and non-synthetic, ensuring you receive the highest quality hemp on the market.
Will this get me high?
We offer a variety of products that will fit everyone’s needs. Most of our CBD products only contain trace amounts of THC, ensuring you won’t experience a psychoactive “high.” However, if you are searching for an uplifting feeling, we also offer a variety of legal cannabinoids that will elevate your experience. You should always check the product labels and COA for specific THC content.
How can your products help me?
Our products are thoughtfully crafted to promote overall well-being by harnessing the natural benefits of hemp.
Is this legal?
Yes. Texas passed House Bill 1325 in 2019, which authorizes the production and retail selling of industrial hemp crops and products.
Can I take this and pass a drug test?
We wouldn’t risk it. Even if a product contains only trace amounts of THC, it’s safe to assume it could show up on a drug test. For example, many products contain trace amounts of THC, and while it won’t be enough to get you “high,” it could very well show up on a drug test. The only products we can ensure have 0% THC are our CBD oils and topicals.
Where can I find (or what is) the potency?
You can find the potency information on the product label, which specifies the exact cannabinoid content per serving. We also provide specific details for each product in our Certificate of Analysis reports.
What is the difference between infused vs grown THCA?

Grown THCA is a variety of hemp that contains the naturally occurring THCA cannabinoid before harvest. Infused THCA is our CBD hemp that was infused with THCA isolate to give a similar effect.