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Proudly grown in Lubbock, TX


Tune Into Best Buds Podcast

Where Hemp Meets Homegrown Wisdom

From the farm to the mic–we’re here to keep you in the loop about all things hemp! Whether you’re a hemp enthusiast, a curious listener, or just looking for some good ol’ Texas hospitality, The Best Bud Podcast is here to roll up and roll out the dopest hemp talk in Texas.

From the very first episode featuring the core four Gauger family members, we’ve been on a mission to entertain and educate you about the exciting world of hemp farming in Texas. Just like the hemp we grow, every episode is a unique experience! You’ll find educational insights into growing and personal stories that introduce you to the heart and soul of the Caprock family.

Rollin’ with the Best on Weed & Whiskey TV

Caprock Family Farms had the honor of being featured on Weed & Whiskey TV with Jerry J-Man Joyner and it was quite the experience! We had the chance to personally share our extraordinary journey, revealing how we evolved into the largest indoor hemp growers in the great state of Texas.