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Proudly grown in Lubbock, TX
About Caprock Family Farms

Largest Indoor Hemp Growers in the Lone Star State

Farm Fresh + Family Driven

Welcome to Caprock Family Farms, where we infuse a touch of Southern charm into everything we do. As second-generation farmers, we’ve evolved our roots to bring you top-notch hemp products with a side of family love.

Planting Our Roots

Our farming roots run deep, dating back to 1995. For us, farming isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life. Our visionary leader, Keil Gauger, began farming at a young age, growing everything from peanuts to peppers. When Texas legalized hemp, we saw an opportunity to cultivate something truly special. In 2020, we took our first steps outdoors and quickly learned that the harsh environment was unsuitable for producing the premium quality hemp we longed to create. The following year, we embraced innovation and proudly became the largest indoor grow in the State of Texas.

Why “Caprock Family Farms”

The name “Caprock” holds a special place in our hearts. In geological terms, “caprock” refers to a solid, impermeable rock layer that often seals valuable oil, gas, or coal deposits beneath it. It’s a regional symbol that you’ll find proudly displayed in local establishments. But to us, It’s not just a name; it’s a tribute to our family’s rich history and the legacy of our beloved Ann Gauger’s dad, a geologist with a passion for his families’ farming legacy. Grandpa Sid was a true visionary and believed there was a future for Texas hemp, long before there even was Texas hemp. We believe that if Grandpa could witness what we’re accomplishing today, he’d be incredibly proud.

Pioneering a Path to Better Living

Our Hemp-Powered Commitment
At Caprock Family Farms, our mission goes beyond hemp. We’re not just hemp growers. We’re a Southern family on a mission to feed, clothe and heal the world one crop at a time. Rooted in our deep agricultural heritage, we strive to build a community of healers and educators that offer the world an alternative path to well-being and a healthier lifestyle.

Setting Ourselves Apart

What Makes Caprock Family Farms Different?

With three decades of farming experience and a passion for innovation, we’ve learned that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to nurturing exceptional hemp. From traditional soil and fertigation to using rockwool cubes and creating optimal environments, we explore every natural avenue to enhance our yields and create diverse varieties of premium hemp.

Our plants thrive in meticulously controlled environments where quality reigns supreme. We maintain a watchful eye on every aspect of growth through climate-controlled rooms, ensuring our hemp receives the perfect conditions daily. We mimic the sun’s light cycles with cutting-edge LED lights, infuse our grow rooms with CO2 to promote photosynthesis and strategically employ fans to mimic winds and strengthen stocks.

Our commitment to excellence shines through in every batch of our hand-trimmed, grown THCA, hemp, infused D8 or THCA products. With Caprock Family Farms, you’re not just getting hemp–you’re getting a masterpiece of precision designed to elevate your life.

Meet the Caprock Family Farms Team

Cultivating Hemp With a Southern Twist

Keil Gauger

Owner and Director of Growth + Development
Keil Gauger’s farming journey began at a young age and has evolved into a lifelong passion. Armed with a strong work ethic and an innovative spirit, he seamlessly transitioned into the world of hemp farming. With a background in traditional agriculture, Keil’s visionary leadership drives the success of our farm.

Ann Gauger

Owner and Director of Operations
Ann Gauger embodies the heart and soul of Caprock Family Farms. More than an owner-operator, she’s the embodiment of Southern hospitality. Ann is so committed to our customers that her personal phone number is the farm’s hotline, ensuring every customer is treated like family.

Brett Gauger

Director of Cultivation
Brett Gauger possesses the green thumb that fuels our flourishing hemp crops. His expertise ensures our plants thrive and produce the best yields. Brett is passionate about our organic practices and the holistic nature of our products, making him an invaluable resource for our team.

Zach Gauger

Director of Sales & Customer Relations
Zach Gauger is the mastermind behind our product development, sales and marketing. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, he forges connections within our community, serving as the vital link between our farm and your wellness journey.

Maddie Goldstein

Director of Media and Marketing
Maddie is our digital guru, curating our online presence with flair. As the driving force behind our social media strategy, she crafts engaging narratives that breathe life into our farm. Maddie’s creativity extends beyond the social realm, ensuring our story is told authentically far and wide.

Luke Hooker

Director of Inventory and Distribution
Luke Hooker keeps our operation running like clockwork. With meticulous precision and unwavering dedication, he ensures our products flow effortlessly from our farm to your hands.

Our Dope Values


From seed to sale, we believe in openness and clarity in every aspect of our business. Our commitment to transparency ensures you know exactly what you’re getting with every Caprock product.


As a family-owned business, we extend our warm embrace to everyone who supports Caprock. To us, you’re not just customers or partners– you’re part of our extended family.


We take quality seriously, using only natural ingredients and holistic methods to produce the best hemp on the market. It’s not just about meeting standards. It’s about setting new ones.


Caprock is deeply involved in our local and statewide community. We’re proud members of the Chamber of Commerce and active contributors to the Texas Hemp Coalition. Our goal? To help Texas grow a thriving hemp industry.


We’re dedicated to educating people about the remarkable potential of hemp. While we can’t offer medical advice, we’re passionate about providing information on alternative forms of treatment and the myriad benefits of hemp.

Healing Focus

Our ultimate mission is to promote well-being. We’ve seen the transformative power of hemp within our own family, and we’re committed to helping others experience its healing potential.

Caprock Chronicles

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